poor but sexy

my 5 days in berlin were spent discovering places and exploring a culture i have never seen before. as well as learning about tradeshows and a different area in industry, i learnt a lot about german history through street art. my favourite things to take away from my trip to berlin, was the importance of emerging menswear; seeing next to none interesting womenswear brands yet discovering some new amazing mens stores. also, how influential artists can be in culture; berlin was covered in street art which still looked polished and purposeful. in contrast to other cities ive visited, i feel berlin is more chilled, quiet and exciting in different ways; being non commercial, with no neon lights covering the city center, meant that we were able to discover berlin's weird and wonderful hidden sights by ourselves.




soto, mitte

one of the last stores we found in mitte, yet one of my favorite. although quite small, soto stocks only menswear. the large table in the middle of the back room reminded me of voo store, using dark wood and industrial lights, soto was an extremely relaxing place to be, and again like voo, it was a place we spent a lot of time in. stocking acne, nike, van and new balance, the shop assistants were perfect for snapping street style pictures (see blog).



in the afternoon we visited SEEK tradeshow which was just next to premium. i didnt have to register to get in, and just gave my alexandria paton card over; seek were a lot less up tight about who goes in, as they showcase very new, low key up and coming brands such as the white briefs, peter non and denim demon. seek portrayed an industrial look, that incorporated woodchip. we had lunch on the cafe benches that sat in the middle of the warehouse, a communal type area. my favourite brands that i spoke to were qhuit from paris for their beanie hats, the white briefs for inspirational visuals and corneila webb for beautiful jewellery.

 by far my favourite tradeshow.



premium tradeshow

on entrance to premium, there seemed to be a lot of buzz outside and a fair amount of people going in. the space for this tradeshow was no where as big as bread  & butter but still it took a long time to go around! the stalls were all quite close together and compact, and i felt like the brand representatives were very judgmental and not friendly at all. however, the visuals at 'sleep is commercial' were interesting, using black balloons to join fixtures together. jeffrey campbell's stall was where we spent the most time, looking at flatforms and statements lita boots. premium was my least favourite tradeshow as i didn't feel welcomed in by the brands.

day five

my final day in berlin meant running around trying to fit in everything that we hadnt managed to! the morning was spent going to premium and seek,  the tradeshows we hadnt been to yet. we had to register for premium, but getting accepted was a lot easier. premium wasn't as big as bread & butter but we felt the brands were kind of looking down on us... (see post). after we finished at premium, we headed to seek which was next door (see post).

after visiting the tradeshows, we headed to mitte in the search for some more shops. discovering a different area of mitte, we found some amazing menswear boutiques. surprised how we didnt find these before; soto, happy shop, a cool sportswear store with Y3, stella mccartney/adidas and more cheap monday stockists in a store called pauls boutique (not the brand). nike was everywhere in these menswear stores. the visual merchanding in berlin is not over the top, in your face like it can be in london- it's more subtle and lets the consumer come to them instead of bombarding people with promotions; everything was very low key about the stores we visited, it was like none of them wanted to be discovered, and those that knew about them was there core and loyal consumer. 

in search for amazing magazines, we went back to bread & butter only to leave it too late- all the decent publications had gone and the brands were packing up. i managed to pick up a few i hadn't heard of before, but nothing like 032c and S that i paid good money for. our final night was spent eating, chilling and sorting through all the publications we wanted to take back with us! we had a bright and early flight to return back home.




a store we researched to find whilst out in berlin, and a walk away from our hotel, darklands is a nomadic store, which changes location every 18 months. it seems that berlin loves the concept of exclusivity and hiding. everything in the white space of a store was black or grey, with the exception to a few beige pieces. three shop assistants grazed the small shop, quite friendly- well friendly enough to let us in the door which you had to ring to get in. tova bought a magazine, and the shop assistant hand wrote the receipt on a page from an old book. darklands is a store you want to explore, take a bit of time in but not outstay your welcome. beautiful VM at one end of the space- 3 hanging jackets blazed in tarmac, dripping down onto the cemented floor.


day four

this morning we walked to darklands from our hotel- it was hard to find and only symbolised by a triangle shape on a flag by an industrial site. this was the 3rd version of the nomadic store (see post). after this, we went to the jewish memorial which was insightful. hannah found a jeurgen teller exhibition at a gallery .... unfortunately when we turned up at the gallery that took a good while to find, the exhibition had finished this time a year ago! we spent the evening in weinmister, visiting a vintage store called made in berlin, which was really overpriced, went into weekday again!, and i bought a silver necklace in cos. we ate dinner in a little by very busy restaurant, which was delicious! i liked weinmister, my favorite area of berlin as it was busy but not at all commercial.