the alternative tour

alexander platz / mitte / west berlin

we met trish, our tour guide at starbucks. she was a very lively character- an artist from america, who obviously lived and breathed culture. the majority of the tour consisted of street art and the stories behind each piece. we learnt that street art is not graffiti, and that has so much history behind it all. street art is made in studios by artists, then pasted onto walls for the public to see- a kind of exhibition space. as well as an amazing insight into the art, trish obviously mentioned the history of west and east berlin. i found this so interesting, as im not normally a fan of history but with the context of art and culture behind it, it was intriguing.

we also visited an old department store that had been over taken by artists and turned into a massive building covered in graffiti. inside was amazing....and artists were selling their work; i bought a few postcards.

trish then took us to west berlin, a tram stop away and the difference was huge. you would really see how this was the poorer side of the city. the buildings were different, less luxurious and the vibe seemed younger, more cooler and more grungier. she showed us huge wall art and explained how this marks status and links to the government.

although freezing cold, such an interesting and different way to start your day.


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