bread and butter

approaching an old airport just off the tram, the location full of people, bread and butter was upon us! i didn't have much idea what to expect inside. after registering and getting passes which were scanned several times, and picking up our brand bibles that were conveniently displayed on the old conveyabelt,  me and libby entered one of the eight sections. overwhelmed by the size of the place and business, we walked in any direction browsing the stalls, entering some that looked inviting and would let us in! after a good while, it was clear that the brands representatives wanted to talk to you, so we had a few talks with brands about their products (recycled hats and bobble hats) and where we were from.

i didn't find any of the VM here very interesting or fresh, the woodland theme haunted and lingered around still. after an extremely expensive diet coke and chicken sandwich, we found a morning at bread and butter exhausting and felt we needed to take a second visit- we had picked up so many magazines and lookbooks it would have been impossible to stay there the whole day.


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