day one

weinmiester / alexander platz

after a very early morning flight from luton, we arrived at schoneburg airport at 10.45am. the coach trip to our hotel in hauptbahnhof gave me my first insight to berlin. despite the weather being dismal, berlin seemed very spacious and stretched out; in contrast to london's narrow streets and tall buildings, berlin was a lot flatter.

me, tova, libby, hannah and gina headed out off our hotel, no idea where to first go. at hauptbahnhof train station we each bought a $30 travel card for the week, some maps of berlin and got on a tram towards alexander platz - the center of the city. getting off at weinmiester, the amount of graffiti that covered walls, bins, lamp posts....was crazy. the bright colours from the spray cans light up sophien street on an extremely grey day.

after finding barcomi's and indulging in some delicious lunch, we walked around weinmiester. it was a very quiet, boutique-like and calm place to be. we bumped into cos, zara, american apparel, adddress and acne which were all pretty spread out around this area.

aimlessly walking led us to the commercial center of alexander platz. it wasn't commercial in the way that times square or picadilly square is- it was large, spacious, emptyish with a lack of neon lights. we also found the alexa shopping center which i didn't really like; not very exciting or different to those in england so i felt it was a waste to spend time in there. from here we went to a recommended place- the radison blue hotel. the attraction is the massive fish tank in the middle of the reception area. we treated ourselves to $7 champagne and returned back to the hotel with an amazing thai takeaway from asian gourmet!

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