day three

todays main aim was to tackle bread and butter! so first we headed here, (see post). i was hoping to learn a bit more and take a bit more away from the tradeshow; i didnt find the brands revolutionary.... however, it was great experience to go there, but we were going to have to make two trips!

after bread and butter, we got off the tram at freidrichstein and headed to weekday for a shop (see post). taking all our bags back to the hotel from bread and butter- ridiculous amount of material we got given, but good to look back on and edit down what to take home. we were so eager to find this vintage shop called garage (see post)...so our late afternoon travelling consisted of just this. maybe it should have been spent trying to get into berlin fashion week! after asking so many stores were this second hand store was, we were almost close to giving up and getting the tram back to the hotel. but eventually we found it, and then enjoyed a delicious dinner and strudel!


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