location: belgium?!

the berlin wall

i am soon to visit berlin; a place i thought was actually belgium, and a place i thought i would never be visiting. im not much of a city goer when it comes to holidays, much preferring the beach to historical monuments, but a 5 day trip to germany seems appealing, when looking into this 'cool' city. 

being in germany, it is understandable that berlin delves in history and culture; not that i know much about the war if i'm honest. although i know im not going to be a massive fan of visiting important monuments etc, it's important to do so, to contextualise the city and it's happenings.

 my initial expectations of berlin differ enormously to those i had one year ago visiting new york; i reckon berlin will be less commerical, less hectic and a little more 'unknown' that the extravagant big apple (not hard to beat in terms of bright lights and tourism). i've visited paris before, which is an absolutely beautiful city, however i doubt berlin is going to beautiful in the same way, being a city surrounded by past war elements.


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