voo store

west berlin holds this beauty- VOO. a mixture of men and womenswear everyday brands such as nike, long, acne and apc, everything about this store was interesting. hidden away (of course) from the main street in a courtyard, VOO explored the industrial interior trend, but in a way ive never seen before. a lot of space to move around in, a place to sit down with a coffee, read a magazine from their collection and watch the shop assistants drink beer and DJ...it showed off the ultra cool essence that berlin subtly boast. an extremely long table with books, garments and nike trainers was the main attraction to me. we spent a lot of time in here, not even looking at the clothes, just kinda chilling- it was a place you want to spend time in, a lifestyle boutique. i even purchased 032c magazine which is totally different to anything id normally read beofre, more culture based http://032c.com/. VOO is without doubt my favourite little discovery of berlin.


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