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seek tradeshow / bread and butter tradeshow / berlin fashion week july 2011 highlights

one of the main reasons for our courses' trip to berlin, is to visit tradeshows. i personally have never been to one before, and unsure of what to expect! the main one we are to visit is bread and butter, located in an old airport with thousands of visitors and hundreds of exhibitors with names such as ellesse and levi's. with nine different sections to visit, this tradeshow is massive and will probably take around two visits to get through!

in order to get into this globally known tradeshow, you have to be part of a company (and 100% not a student...). this seems to be the most stressful part of the trip! after trying my work experience contacts but being unsuccessful, luckily my coursemate has a contact which would like us to go on behalf of her new menswear brand. alexandria paton has just graduated and is looking for collaborators for  her new collections, as well as publicity and press.

there are a few other tradeshows whilst we are in berlin to visit; bright, seek and premium. bright and seek seem to have less well known brands as premium and b&b; it'll be a good experience to visit a mixture of these shows and talk to the brands' representatives.

berlin fashion week is also going to be on when we are there. it would be cool to go to the venue and compare the atmosphere to that at london fashion week. i doubt i'd be able to blag myself in though! although it may not be as private and secure as london!


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