east vs west

east and west berlin divide

i can't speak one word of german, so trying to pronounce the names of these districts is proving difficult. berlin is split historically, culturally and once physically into the east and the west; the east portrays a younger vibe whereas the west more wealthier and luxurious. it'll be interesting to see the visual difference between the two districts, my brother has recently just returned from berlin and says how dramatic the two are, only being a train stop away.

having a look at stores and shopping areas, the west seems to have the large department stores and well known brands such as h&m, whereas the east has vintage, street wear and independent stores. the centre of berlin is mitte, a place with many restaurants, shops, museums and clubs. this is probably the best place to start of exploring.

the hotel we'll be staying in is in hauptbahnhof, just by the train and underground station, not 100% what exactly is around this part, but i guess the most insightful places we'll find are those we will just bump into.


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